About TAT Zetwerk

TAT Zetwerk (TAT Typesetting) was established in 1998 by Ivo Geradts and Johannes Rustenburg. Johannes and Ivo became acquainted while studying philosophy at the University of Utrecht, where they worked together as research assistants. During their work at the university they were responsible for the digitalization of several Greek and Latin critical editions and discovered the typographical possibilities of TeX. They decided to continue their partnership in the field of typography after they graduated. Originally they only focused on scientific publications, but later they also expanded their services to non-fiction works and novels. TAT Zetwerk has become a flourishing company, currently employing 4 experienced typesetters. All employees have an academic background. We are convinced that accurate typesetting of scientific texts is only possible if the typesetter is familiar with the content of such publications.

Ivo Geradts

Ivo Geradts (1971) is specialized in programming TeX layouts. In addition, he is responsible for the font conversion, font management and system administration. He is also in charge of the digitalization projects and assists in the development of our Perl-scripts library. Ivo studied musicology and history of philosophy at the University of Utrecht. In 1999 he graduated cum laude in both fields with a combined thesis on Aristotle's mimesis. During his studies he also took courses at the faculties of Mathematics and Computer Science.

Johannes Rustenburg

Johannes Rustenburg (1972) is responsible for the daily course of events. He maintains relations with customers and ensures that all deadlines are met. He also contributes to building our ACE system. Johannes studied medieval studies and history of philosophy. He graduated cum laude in 1998 with a critical edition of books I–III of Johannes Buridanus’ ‘De fallaciis’. Currently, he is writing a PhD thesis on these same books under supervision of prof.dr. H.A.G. Braakhuis (Radboud University Nijmegen) and dr. R. van der Lecq (Utrecht University).

Annemieke ’t Hooft-Daniëls

Annemieke ’t Hooft-Daniëls (1980) has been employed as a typesetter since September 2005 and is responsible for checking corrections. She is also learning to create TeX layouts. Previously, she worked for TAT Zetwerk as a corrector. Anne studied language- and culture studies at the University of Utrecht and the University of Amsterdam. She graduated in 2005 with a specialization in Latin-American studies. Anne has a great interest in languages and speaks multiple western languages as well as some Swahili.

Kai Eigner

Kai Eigner (1977) is our Perl-specialist. Among other things, he is responsible for programming the document and font conversion as well as for our ACE system. Furthermore, he supports the programming of our digitalization projects. Kai studied physics and philosophy at the University of Utrecht. He graduated on a historical study of the Dutch physicist A.D. Fokker. In addition to his work at TAT, Kai has been working at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam since 2002, where he is writing a PhD thesis on the philosophy of science.