Welcome to TAT Zetwerk

TAT Zetwerk was established in 1998 by Ivo Geradts and Johannes Rustenburg. We specialize in typesetting scientific publications, reference books and novels. We distinguish ourselves from other typesetters by taking care of editorial matters as well. In order to do this, we have developed a system that automatically carries out the adjustment of punctuation and related style errors. We are happy to help you make your manuscript camera ready, whether it involves the whole process or just parts of it, e.g. font conversion, editing or typesetting. This site will explain our expertise on the matters mentioned above. We guarantee a quick and accurate processing of your manuscript.


We typeset our books with TeX, which is designed to meet the highest typographical standards. Because of its flexibility, TeX is specifically suitable to typeset complex scientific publications. Furthermore, TeX enables us to control all the phases of the production process, which enhances the final result in many ways. [TeX · Production process · Scientific publications · Foreign languages · Typography]


Editing manuscripts is a time consuming task. To relieve the editor, we developed several applications, of which ACE is the most important. This system automates the more mechanical parts of the editing process, like removing inconsistencies in punctuation. This allows the editor to fully concentrate on the content. Furthermore, we formulated procedures to generate indices and bibliographies efficiently. [ACE · End matter]


Because we receive many different types of files, we are often required to convert documents and fonts. To facilitate this process, we developed different tools that might be of some help to you, even if you have no interest in the typesetting of the book. [Document Conversion · Font Conversion]


Besides typesetting, we also support digitalization projects. Usually, these projects require a typographically high-quality reproduction of data. We have extensive experience in developing databases, the encoding of data in XML and the conversion of data to TeX. [Projects]


The portfolio contains a representative overview of books that we have been typeset so far. From each book in the portfolio we show you a few pages containing some special features. [Portfolio]


In this section you can find all kinds of useful information, varying from our address to guidelines concerning the submission of manuscripts. [Contact · About us · Guidelines]